Tohoku Region, north-eastern part of Japan, was severely hit by a huge M9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the afternoon of March 11.  Many cities and towns were totally swept away.  More than 1,500 lives were lost and many more are still missing.  We are sporadically having mid-size earthquakes and tsunamis.  They say the final death would be in tens of thousand.  Please join us to pray for them.

Our current concern is how we will be able to keep our nuclear power plants under control.  With failing electricity, water pump could not pour pure water into the nuclear furnace to cool down the core.  So, they now pour sea water instead by emergency equipment.  We are crossing our fingers so that those emergency measures would keep the nuclear furnaces from explosion.

Thank you for your kind inquiries, prayers and encouragements from our international friends asking for our  safely.  Thank God, Mr. Chiba and his family are all safe.  There have been no bad news on our members so far.  All members in Tokyo area, including sisters of Daughters of St. Paul, are OK.  Majority of our acquaintances in Sendai, one of the severely hit area, are confirmed OK, but we hope the rest are also OK.

We are sure that Japanese people would overcome this disaster and hardships, and will become safer nation to live in.  We sincerely hope that we will also grow spiritually aiming at the Kingdom of Heaven.

On behalf of SIGNIS JAPAN, I would like to convey our deepest appreciation for your prayers.

With prayers,

T. “Mac” Machida, Secretary, SIGNIS JAPAN