Japan Catholic Film Award 2010 goes to “Under the Moonlight – A Memory of a Night High School”

SIGNIS JAPAN has selected a Japanese documentary film “Under the Moonlight – A Memory of a Night High School” (literal translation) for its 35th Japan Catholic Film Award 2010.  The film depicts various difficulties, changes and growth of night high school students and their love giving teacher for four years and beyond.  Most of the students were not accepted well in society, could not find their own place but eventually the night school became their home where they belonged.   Each student began to find his or her own dream.

Director Naoko Ohta, producer, camera and editor, was sometimes so close with the students that she could not help but to put her camera aside to embrace a wailing student in her arms.

See the trailer at http://tsuki-akari.com/wordpress/?page_id=469