SIGNIS ASIA ASSEMBLY 2010 Held in Surabaya

uid000008_20101007043208d679e354SIGNIS ASIA ASSEMBLY 2010 was held in Surabaya, Indonesia, from September 20-24.  The theme this year was: “CULTIVATE PEACE, PROTECT CREATION; MEDIA’S ROLE”. The key-note speech was delivered by Tony & Beth De Castro, Earthworm Sanctuary, in Philippines.  They spoke of the negative impacts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on nature, and of the necessity to go on organic farming for healthy life.  Organic farming also brings healing and uid000008_20101007060001f2eedae4harmony with nature, and raises human spirituality.  The next speaker was Mr. Errol Jonathans, Suara Surabaya Media (24H FM Radio).  He stressed the importance of the Media’s role and that the Media should deal more with food, water, environment, diasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc.  to change the life-style of the people.  The SIGNIS ASIA’s belief is: “No food and no justice, no peace.”

 uid000008_201010070433584dff85c7From Japan, we presented our “Country Report“(click to see the contents).  After a very brief introduction on the main points, the trailers of 3 films were projected on the screen, “This is EGG, please respond”, “Shape The Wind” and “To Live With Mother Teresa”.

uid000008_201010070436518eee8e17 *You can watch now the English trailer of “Shape The Wind” in YouTube: