“Shape The Wind” will be shown in Bern and in London, June, 2010

uid000008_20100610142633f380fb76SIGNIS JAPAN has chosen a documentary film  “Shape The Wind”, subtitled as “- a 10 year documentary on children with cancer and their friends-“, directed by Director Shin-ichi Ise, for the 34th Japan Catholic Film Award.  This film depicts how the children can grow and can be strong under the huge pressure of their illness.  Dr. Ryoichi Hosoya’s heartfelt communication with the children leads them to open their hearts even more at the annual summer camp.  The award ceremony will take place at Kawasaki City Art Center on June 12, 2010.  There will be also film showing of this film.

The animation film “This Is A Fertile Egg.  Please Help!” (which received SIGNIS subsidy) will be also shown on this occasion.

Ise FILM will have “Shape The Wind” film showing in Europe soon.

17-18 & 20 June,  in Bern, Switzerland :

22-23 June, in London, U.K.:

You may watch the trailer in the YouTube.

You may see some of the photos in the website.